Today is lover’s day, but somewhere on earth, someone is not feeling so loved. It could be for many reasons why and the biggest one is not feeling special. We all know Valentine’s is celebrated one time out of the year. But, people still expect to be treated special on this day. It’s not necessarily receiving gifts from your significant other. People want to know how special they are. Stop thinking gifts make people feel special. Maybe cook a meal for your sweet heart and maybe even a movie on Netflix.  There’s always that nice foot massage followed by a bubble bath with some bubbly on the side. Maybe a love letter or  even a poem! See, Valentine’s day isn’t about the gifts….it’s about showing that someone special just how much you love them. Although that does makes it even better. But, spend time with your valentine….not money! Your memories will last longer than materials will- for sure. Make somebody feel loved and special , by your actions because it can’t be bought!

                                    Happy Valentine’s Day❤


Too Close

Each time she thought to leave he would rear her back into his space. He never inteded to hurt her! At least that is what he told her each time he saw her cry. Each time caught him in another lie! Each time another girl said she was pregnant! Each time he stabbed her in her back! It was all her faught she thaught to herself time and time again. She wasn’t pretty enough! She wasn’t sexy enough! She didn’t party enough! The night’s she stared at herself in the mirror…thinking her body was ugly. She was too close on loosing her mind, and why? Was he not afraid to loose her or did he even care? She cried, she faught, she prayed….and she cried, she faught,  and she prayed! Until she couldn’t no more…..she was too close on giving up on his love. Too close on walking away and never looking back! Too close to stay for another round of broken hearts!